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Jeep Tour - Sete Cidades | Dia Inteiro

Trilhos da Natureza

Minimum of 2 people, up to 12 | 7 am | All ages | Lunch included!

On this tour we will visit Sete Cidades, a place much appreciated for its lagoons and surrounding hills. Thus, we travel to the top of the mountain where the caldera of a volcano is formed, where the Lagoas Verde and Azul are located.

We will also show you some picturesque places, such as other lagoons (Lagoa das Empadadas, Lagoa de Santiago) and other places that are little explored but much appreciated for their natural beauty.

After visiting the Sete Cidades area, we will visit another very popular parish on the island: Mosteiros, with its natural pools, fishing port and basalt sand beach.

On the way back to Ponta Delgada we will also visit Ferraria in the Ginetes area, a bathing area with hot water in the sea due to fumaroles on the coast. Many other places will be waiting to be discovered with our company. Lunch included in the tour.

  • In the Region
  • >80€


Approximately 7 hours