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Up to 4 people | 4H or 8H | All ages | Every fisherman is welcome on board

The fishing of big samples of fish as a marlin or a tuna fish is an experience that you will never forget. After the capture of a sample like that, the addiction guts and we want to repeat the feat. The adrenaline goes through all the veins during a combat that can last for hours.

In this type of fishing the utilized method is the troll with artificial samples, or it can also be with death or live bait. All the swordfish (blue or white) are freed alive, except if they are a potential record of the world.

We have fishing trips for 4h or 8h, since the departure of the marina to the arrival. During this time the client will have some snacks and beverages. All the equipment in the boat is entirely available for the client.

The marlin season begins in July and ends in October although there are some exceptions where the conditions of the sea and the presence of this fish may extend or anticipate the season.

On the other hand, the fishing of tuna fish begins on April and can extend till November. However, this fish is known for its unpredictability, so there are epochs where it appear almost all year. There are years that this fish is very abundant next to the coast of the island.

The entire coast of São Miguel island is very exceptional for the practice of this kind of fishing and there are some specific benches with some varied species of fish. This way, the fishing place, it’s a daily decision of the skipper that is based on the weather and the information collected about the routes of the fishes so the skipper can assure the security and comfort of the crew and clients.

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Includes: water and beers