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Up to 4 people | 4H | All ages | Every fisherman is welcome on board

The coast of São Miguel island is particularly spectacular, remainder of a volcanic past with caves and wonderful rocky formations. The sea that surrounds this island attracts the dolphins, whales and a diversity of fish species.

Our fishing tours were created so you can learn different techniques and fish species that live on the island. We offer you several types of fishing: bottom fishing, jigging and troll.

It is suggested a maximum of 4 people so that the skipper can be able to give attention to all of them, beginners or experts.

Before we leave, we will have a brief talk to speak about the place where we are fishing and also about the species we might find there. Every fisherman is welcomed on board with or without experience.

  • In the Region
  • > 140€


€350 - Private Boat, all ages | Up to 4 people
€140 - Per person, all ages

It includes:
Boat of 22 feet (6,8 meters)
Expert skipper
Briefing about the trip and/or about the fishing techniques
4 Horas at the sea
Water and beers
Maritime Travel Permit
Fishing license