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With our Coasteering tours, you can explore the beautiful volcanic coastline of the island of São Miguel and some of its various bays and caves, using various methods, among which are exciting jumps from remarkable cliffs, some moments of controlled climbing, dives, and a refreshing swim directly in the ocean.

Most of our excursions take place in Caloura, which is located in the central-south part of the island of São Miguel. However, if weather conditions on the south coast are not the most favorable, the tour will take place in Ribeirinha , which is in the central-northern part of the island.

At our meeting point, we will proceed with the distribution of your personal safety equipment and a quick safety briefing. Once we are set up, we are ready to start our seaside adventure where we will be exploring a few caves, scramble on the rocky volcanic terrain, dive into the ocean and play in natural pools and inland bays where its also possible to enjoy our underwater wildlife with some snorkeling.

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Bathing suit (already dressed);
Beach towel;
Comfortable clothes and shoes;
Individual water bottle;

Accredited guides;
All Coasteering equipment (wetsuits, socks, life jacket, helmet and shoes);
Photos / Videos;
Pick-up and Drop-off (if respective option is chosen).