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Ponta Delgada Food Tour

Ponta Delgada Food Tour

Hungry Whales - Food Tours Azores

Monday to Saturday at 10AM, Tue & Fri at 2.30PM

This is the #1 city tour in the Azores!

The Ponta Delgada Food Tour brings you the most immersive and genuine culinary experience in the Azores. On this all-inclusive tour, visit some of the city's best eateries, learn about local culture and lifestyle, and sample unique and delicious foods as you walk through the charming cobblestone streets of Ponta Delgada, head city of the Azores islands.

Imagine Mediterranean foods mixed with African and American vegetables, seasoned with Asian spices and a scent of Atlantic ocean: that's Azorean cuisine!

Ponta Delgada, the largest city of the Azores, is the charming scenery of our tour. The city once-called "Venice of the Atlantic" displays beautiful landmarks and mysterious alleys, where settlers, labourers and travellers collected unique ingredients and culinary traditions from allover the world.

Walk the downtown of this vibrant Azorean city, explore artisanal eateries and delicious food: enjoy a progressive menu that includes fruit, honey, local bread rolls, pastries, seafood and meat products, ending up with a homemade desserts, and two local drinks (mineral water, sodas or beer).

Besides tasting amazing food and drinks, you will visit some of the main city sights, get some historic context and many fun facts. You'll explore some of the city's landmarks, including highlights and off-the-beaten path, and get many genuine recommendations of where to go next, shops and things to do.

  • Departure: Ponta Delgada
  • 89€


Adult: €89 | Child: €70

What you'll learn
​ • What locals eat and why (background)
​ • Relevant factors that shaped Azorean culture
​ • Fascinating stories about tea and pineapple plantations, unique in Europe
​ • A bit of historic context
​ • Interesting information about the main landmarks
​ • Fun facts and many curiosities

Good to know
​ • Extra-small groups
​ • Tailored to the group
​ • All food and 2 drinks included
• Distance covered: about 1.6Km (1 Mi.)

Allergies and dietary requirements
​ • Vegetarian options available